For the last 20 years, SC Global has been byword for luxury, crafting elegant homes which are often as spacious as they are luxurious. Compact by design, Petit Collectibles is a natural progression for SC Global paying tribute to their smaller residences at Martin No.38, The Lincoln Modern, Hilltops and Thre3e Thre3 Robin. 

This inspiration has driven us to create yet another new concept in luxury living that follows no rules but is anchored by principles of prize thoughtfulness and meticulous attention to detail that underpin each and every SC Global home. Design and space planning is rigorously considered to create living spaces with flexible functionality that offer absolute comfort and well-being, whilst feeling spacious beyond their dimensions.

As experiences and priorities in life change, globally we see a trend as people seek a lighter, less cluttered life; from millennials who prioritise the experiences of living in the heart of the city, to empty nesters looking for a pied-à-tierre in town that frees them from the responsibilities of managing a larger home and offers a lifestyle of their younger years.

When crafting the architecture of luxury we have never let modestly defined spaces limit our creativity. Today we write a new chapter in the SC Global story, paying tribute to this original spirit with a new class of luxury homes


The First Petit Collectible

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